Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Leo (Sign of Love #1) by Mia Sheridan

Evie and Leo met in foster care as children and formed a bond of friendship. As they grew, their bond turned to love, and they vowed to make a life together when they turned 18 and were no longer a part of the system.

When Leo unexpectedly gets adopted as a teen and he moves to another city, he promises Evie that he will contact her as soon as he gets there and come back for her in a few short years. She never hears from him again.

Now eight years later, in spite of the odds, Evie has made a life for herself. She has a job. She has friends. She's content. Then a man shows up out of the blue, claiming that her long lost love, Leo, sent him to check up on her. The attraction between them is undeniable. But, should she trust this sexy stranger? Or is he keeping a secret about what his connection to Leo is really all about and why Leo disappeared all those years ago?

New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.



Might contain Spoilers...

Even though it resembles to FSG and BTY because the characters are just soooo fucked up I do appreciate that the author made a one book story instead of ending it with a cliffhanger. I also do want to thank the author from sparing us from waiting for a second and third installment. I think is very creative the concept she wants to give her books about zodiac signs ;). I personally read this one because I´m a Leo LOL. Thank goodness Mrs. Sheridan gave the characters the traits of each sign ;) or so it seems.

Most of this story was predictable but I must say there were a few parts that I didn´t saw things coming. I was so sad for Jake and everything he had to endure in his life and when he meets Evie how he becomes so overprotective of her and how she is so sweet and content with her life besides experiencing it the way she did at a very young age. 

I have to tell I don´t remember ever reading a book about foster kids or something of that matter. The author makes you get into the story and feel the way a 11 year old would feel in that situation all alone without no one to care about you, their insecurities and the braveness both have to be together and support each other to make their fears go away.

AND THE END.!1 omfg .!! THAT END.!! I was yelling of excitement in my bed yesterday morning. It was beautiful the emotions of the characters by the end were so raw I felt like I was living the story with them.

I will totally follow this author from now on and am very interested in reading her future work.

Favorite Quotes...

I look into his eyes and ask, “Why are you looking at me?”
His eyes search mine for several long seconds before he hold contact and whispers, “Because I like your face.” 

"And the thing about falling in love is that no matter where you are when it happens, you can´t help but color those moments with beauty, even if you´re in a location of ugliness. He made what would have been a place of nightmares into a place to dream."

"Evie", he says quietly, finally looking at me, "What i mean is, when i fuck you, you´re going to be mine. Is that clear enough for you?"

"But i had no idea what to pack to sleep in so I threw in an extra pair of panties and only decent nightie i own since I sleep mostly in t-shirts and zipped it closed before i lost my nerve and took off to help fight the Mexican drug war, which sounded a whole lot less scary than spending the night with Jake Madsen."

"He kind of had a lot riding on you accepting him back into your life." He holds his hands up, "Just playing devil´s advocate."

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