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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies #1) by Tarryn Fisher

Olivia Kaspen has just discovered that her ex-boyfriend, Caleb Drake, has lost his memory. With an already lousy reputation for taking advantage of situations, Olivia must decide how far she is willing to go to get Caleb back. Wrestling to keep her true identity and their sordid past under wraps, Olivia’s greatest obstacle is Caleb’s wicked, new girlfriend; Leah Smith. It is a race to the finish as these two vipers engage in a vicious tug of war to possess a man who no longer remembers them. But, soon enough Olivia must face the consequences of her lies, and in the process discover that sometimes love falls short of redemption.




Oh my God.!! That ending shred my heart into tiny little pieces. I read it like 4 times (out loud while sobbing like a fucking baby! It was so sad, so cruel, so unfair and beautiful at the same time.

Noo!!! Words can´t describe what I´m currently feeling at this precise moment...I feel angst, sad, I´m fucking pissed!

I am VERY glad I read this book until know. Why?! Because the last installment was recently published this month, so imagine what my frustration would have been if it wasn't. 

This is one of a few books that makes me feel SO mad at the characters and the third parties and all the situations that are happening for their lack of fuc"&/ing COMMUNICATION.!!!! AGrrrrrrr.!!!

Let the roller coaster begin...

When I started reading this book my first thoughts where: "What a bitch! Is it as bad as she keeps telling what she did to him? Fucking Opportunist! you manipulative bitch.! But I was so wrong. This story is full of twists and turns and LOTS AND LOTS of misunderstandings. The characters are so fucked up. They claim to love each other but they don't communicate and, that unleashes a chain reaction that comes with life changing decisions.

This story is written in present and past chapters. It starts with her watching someone she hurt from her past that she never got over him and still loves. Caleb. She decides she will approach him and to her surprise, he doesn't remember her because he lost his memory in a a car accident three months ago. She obviously doesn't tell him who she is Fucking opportunist) and she has another chance to right her wrongs. Poor Caleb. 


While reading their present you get to see glimpses of what their relationship was after they first met at college. She was unattached and always holding back her emotions for him and felt inferior with others due to her lack of money. To be honest the poor girl had a traumatic past and she was afraid of commitment, I don't blame her at all. Caleb keeps trying to reassure her and psychoanalyzing her. He is fascinated by her strong will. His friends and family don't approve of their relationship but he doesn't care.

In the present, while she is trying to right her wrongs with him, a third wheel comes in sight. His girlfriend Leah who after his accident he no longer remembers her, but she has been by his side supporting him through that hard time. He tells Leah that he needs time to think and "they take a break". Meanwhile, he gets to know Olivia. I really felt bad for her at some point in this book because she had several opportunities to tell him about their past but he always shushed her.

Their MO for breakup is always flee from the scene of the crime and never look back and that´s what she is forced to do when Leah finds out who she really is. She doesn't want to stick around to face him when he remembers because the last time they spoke he had said he was done with her. She is a fucking coward

Olivia is a viper and apparently Leah is too. She doesn't play fair. Olivia decides to step out of the picture. She moves to Texas with her friend Cammie. She meets someone else while studying law school and gets engaged. 

Chapter from the past shows someone in a car accident disoriented. It´s Caleb when he gets to the hospital and doctors ask if he remembers, he denies it. WHAT?!!!!! HE KNEW ALL ALONG WHO HE WAS AND WHO SHE WAS?!!! MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE.!!! WHY DIDN´T HE TELL HER!!!?? I DONT UNDERSTAND!HE LET HER GO AGAIN!!! I AM SO FUCKING MAD! SHE LEFT BECAUSE SHE WAS AFRAID OF WHAT HE´LL SAY OR DO AFTER HE REMEMBERED. WHAT A FUCKING MESS. 

They move back to Florida years later and while she´s at work she is given a case of some heiress who´s in trouble due to pharmaceutical charges. She is met by her husband who happens to be CALEB.!! That motherfucking asshole married fucking Leah as revenge! because he left him! AGRrrrr.. She doesn't tell him what Leah did to them.

She defends his wife and wins the case. Leah is free to keep her husband. She never got over the fact that Caleb loves Olivia. Caleb tries to tell her he never forgot. Obviously he doesn't have the chance to come clean. He is working in his marriage and apparently he loves Leah. He is mad at Olivia for leaving him twice. After some serious twists and turns she decides she´ll go talk to him come clean about everything and ask him to take her back. She and Cammie go to his house and break in and find some interesting stuff. She takes a flight to Rome where Caleb and Leah are staying. While flying to Rome she meet Noah and makes friends with him. She tells him all about the love of her life and how she let me go and all the shit that happened to them. She watches Leah approaching a recently bathed Caleb. She has to stop Leah´s attempts to get pregnant and calls the hotel to stop them. It works. Noah invites her to dinner. They have a very nice talk. She goes back to the hotel and stays outside looking at it and says words he´ll never get to hear. He is right behind her. He tells her he has to go back to his wife but that she´ll always be loved first. WHAT!!! THE!!!! FUCK.!!!!


Because of the writing style you have to put the pieces together. You understand both better and realize that none of them are free from sin. They are both guilty of charge. 

Chapter with Olivia´s past lets you know why they broke up before his accident but doesn't fully shows you why and you start dreading to read what the fuck is going to happen... It is until 92% of the book that you fucking HATE Caleb. I assure you will fucking hate him. Fucking scumbag Caleb.!!! Agrrrrrrr

The ending is just heartbreaking. There´s not really a cliffhanger but they have to suffer through all their ordeals to try to be together and somehow not only their friends, his family but the whole fucking universe conspires to keep them apart.

I laughed, cried, and wanted to punch someone or something while reading this one. They just had to tell the truth to each other to fix things, but no! They never do it and they live through a fucking calvary. They assumed always the worst about them and they were both their worst enemies. It is the first book I read that doesn't end with the HEA I was expecting but leaves me with a bittersweet feeling.

"I take my first step and then my second and right before the door closes. I look once over my shoulder. Caleb is still under the tree, he winks at me, and I smile."

I bow to you Tarryn Fisher...

FAV Quotes:

"He chuckles at me. I envision myself jamming a pen into his trachea. Blood. There would be lots of blood to clean up. I better not."

"I had now officially secured my front row seat on the train to Hell."

"NO! Absolutely...No! I cant even believe...where the hell are you?"
"Come on, Cam, if I had another friend to ask, I would..."
"you certainly would not ask anyone else to do something so psychotic. And, if you did, I would be highly offended."
"I´m on my way to your house"
"Fine. I´ll be ready and waiting. Make sure you pick up the coffee."
"What car are we taking?"
"I thought you didn't want to."
"Of course I want to, but I would look like a bad person if I didn't object at all"

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Leo's Chance (Sign of Love #2) by Mia Sheridan

The follow-up to Leo, the USA Today bestselling novel by Mia Sheridan.
Does everyone deserve a second chance? Even someone who lies and deceives to get it?

Do we all have a second chance coming? Even if we play a part in our own destruction?

How hard would you fight to have a second chance at love? A second chance at life? Another chance to tell your own story?

Every love story has two sides. Evie told hers. This time it's Leo's chance.


If you haven´t read Leo (Sing of Love #1) don´t get near this review...

Wooooaaaaah.! 5+ Emotional heartwarming stars .!!!! 

I don´t know why but I love when the writers give us both characters POV. You know how the book ends but you still get the thrill of knowing what the other person was thinking throughout the first book. God, I had chills when I was getting closer to the climax of the story. Even when I knew it ended with a HEA I just felt distraught for what Jake/Leo was going through to get Evie back to him before he revealed his true identity to her.

This book wasn't supposed to happen I guess. I remember reading in Mia´s web page about not writing second installments and instead she was going to write one book per zodiac sign but I guess that, we (The readers) needed more of Leo and Evie. Seriously, I loved the first book, but sometimes I wondered what Leo was thinking and/or doing when he wasn't around Evie and now all my questions were answered.

I always wondered if Gwen would have she deserved and she did. That Bit"#&ch saw it coming a mile away.

We get to feel the angst Jake has throughout the book and how he struggles in the hospital after his accident and the death of his father.

I suppose anyone that reads this book has previously read the first one, so no need to worry about spoiling situations that happened in that one.

"Why are you looking at me?" She asks, void of any expression in her voice, but her eyes wild with panic.
My eyes search hers for long seconds, looking for anything resembling love or understanding, but find none.
I know what she wants from me though and so I give it to her."Because I like your face."

OH MY.... I have read that line before at the climax of the first one, but reading it through Jake´s eyes was too distressing. I had to stop and wait to pull myself together because I just couldn't afford crying at my desk in the middle of "work". Everything is happening so fast you have to keep your feelings in check to keep reading even though you know what´s going to happen. You literally ache for him, for her, for BOTH OF THEM.!

I can leave this story at peace now. I will eventually read both books again someday just for some R&R ;). Their story was beautiful, packed with horrific and traumatic events from their childhood, but what they suffered throughout the years made them the people they are now, strong, full of love for the smallest things and feeling pride for their own achievements. 

Thank you Mia Sheridan. Looking forward for more of your Sign of Love books <3

My Favorite Quotes...

"It´s a long story."
"I have a Ph.D in long stories." He smiles and I chuckle despite myself. 
"I bet".
"How would you feel about coming back tomorrow morning for an hour or so?"
I pause, considering. "I don´t know, I´m kind of busy. I've got a pity party scheduled for eight o´clock followed by wallowing at nine."
He laughs quietly. "Ten it is then. I´ll see you tomorrow, Jake."

"By the way, pointer, if you´re going to stalk someone, you should try to be a little less obvious about it. For instance, standing in the street gawking at your victim tends to be a giveaway."

"Don´t despair though. I´m sure with some study, you could get better. There might be an instructional video or something you could pick up... maybe a book on the subject, Creepy Stalker for Dummies?"

"Because she´ll tell me to go fuck myself and I don´t want to fuck myself. I want to fuck her." What?!!! LOL 

Leo (Sign of Love #1) by Mia Sheridan

Evie and Leo met in foster care as children and formed a bond of friendship. As they grew, their bond turned to love, and they vowed to make a life together when they turned 18 and were no longer a part of the system.

When Leo unexpectedly gets adopted as a teen and he moves to another city, he promises Evie that he will contact her as soon as he gets there and come back for her in a few short years. She never hears from him again.

Now eight years later, in spite of the odds, Evie has made a life for herself. She has a job. She has friends. She's content. Then a man shows up out of the blue, claiming that her long lost love, Leo, sent him to check up on her. The attraction between them is undeniable. But, should she trust this sexy stranger? Or is he keeping a secret about what his connection to Leo is really all about and why Leo disappeared all those years ago?

New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.



Might contain Spoilers...

Even though it resembles to FSG and BTY because the characters are just soooo fucked up I do appreciate that the author made a one book story instead of ending it with a cliffhanger. I also do want to thank the author from sparing us from waiting for a second and third installment. I think is very creative the concept she wants to give her books about zodiac signs ;). I personally read this one because I´m a Leo LOL. Thank goodness Mrs. Sheridan gave the characters the traits of each sign ;) or so it seems.

Most of this story was predictable but I must say there were a few parts that I didn´t saw things coming. I was so sad for Jake and everything he had to endure in his life and when he meets Evie how he becomes so overprotective of her and how she is so sweet and content with her life besides experiencing it the way she did at a very young age. 

I have to tell I don´t remember ever reading a book about foster kids or something of that matter. The author makes you get into the story and feel the way a 11 year old would feel in that situation all alone without no one to care about you, their insecurities and the braveness both have to be together and support each other to make their fears go away.

AND THE END.!1 omfg .!! THAT END.!! I was yelling of excitement in my bed yesterday morning. It was beautiful the emotions of the characters by the end were so raw I felt like I was living the story with them.

I will totally follow this author from now on and am very interested in reading her future work.

Favorite Quotes...

I look into his eyes and ask, “Why are you looking at me?”
His eyes search mine for several long seconds before he hold contact and whispers, “Because I like your face.” 

"And the thing about falling in love is that no matter where you are when it happens, you can´t help but color those moments with beauty, even if you´re in a location of ugliness. He made what would have been a place of nightmares into a place to dream."

"Evie", he says quietly, finally looking at me, "What i mean is, when i fuck you, you´re going to be mine. Is that clear enough for you?"

"But i had no idea what to pack to sleep in so I threw in an extra pair of panties and only decent nightie i own since I sleep mostly in t-shirts and zipped it closed before i lost my nerve and took off to help fight the Mexican drug war, which sounded a whole lot less scary than spending the night with Jake Madsen."

"He kind of had a lot riding on you accepting him back into your life." He holds his hands up, "Just playing devil´s advocate."

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Line Drawn (The Finest Line #3) by Catherine Taylor

What began in the The Finest Line and escalated in A Line Crossed, is now concluded in A Line Drawn. 

As Mairead looks to her future with James, their wedding on the horizon, she is plagued with the demons of her past. One of them seems to have invaded her life, but Mairead is uncertain whether she is the victim of a tortured mind, or the prey of an evil man. Separating reality from a nightmare is difficult, but Mairead is certain that she is not alone in uninvited attention. 
Someone has an unhealthy interest in James, which is only increasing her troubles. Knowing that her willful nature often leads to trouble, Mairead tries to find peace in obedience, but submitting to such a dominant man has its own painful problems. 
As their happiness is threatened, Mairead must decide whether submission is the answer, or is it time for a little defiance?


Maried was the perfect example of "The boy who cried wolf". She had done so many shenanigans and antics that nobody believed in her. James was trying so hard to protect her that he began to believe in other people rather in his girl. I felt like his domineering was way over the top sometimes, but I still love him ;). That being said Adele was a total bitch! I know James loves Mairead forever and ever but there were times where I honestly thought that all the bullshit he said about he being "proud" of her and not liking Adele was a lie. He said sweet things to Mairead but did others that didn't look good from the outside. Fortunately for Mairead while being a pain in the arse to Dylan he was the only one who believed her besides her best friend. Justine was a bi2#&"&ch too and I really hated her but at the end you kind of justify her and see nothing is what it seems.

I really loved the plot and again Catherine doesn't disappoint it had the perfect amount of sex, romance, DRAMA, mystery and a lot of suspense. I am glad I found this series. I read the first book 3 times ;)

I would love to see a book of Dylan... mmmm... yumi.!

A Line Crossed (The Finest Line #2) by Catherine Taylor

After the dramatic prelude to their relationship, Mairead is happy to let James take the helm of their lives, even if his authority can be somewhat painful. Her unusual desires are finally free to be explored, under his administration, but accepting them in a politically correct world is not so easy.

While James meets all her needs in every exciting way, Mairead questions her capacity to be the woman he adores. Their new life together has brought unexpected challenges with James taking ownership of his nightclub Silver Dreams. Having caused enough disruption in his life, Mairead wants nothing more than to be his loving support, but trouble is never far away.

A shadow is looming with the approaching trial of a sadistic murderer against whom she must testify. When a dancer goes missing from the club, Mairead soon learns that she is not the only one with a troubled past and that others have darker secrets than hers.

While doing a little harmless investigation, Mairead suddenly finds herself the subject of interest, and realizes that she has brought more trouble for James. Once again she must make decisions that could lead to devastating consequences and destroy the happiness she fought so hard to find.



5 Stars...

As always I enjoyed Catherine Taylor´s book. I love how Mairead is so sassy and how she gets in trouble every time she tries to make something good. I was mad at her half of the time because of her foolishness. She over think too much and as she said in the story she´ll end up making a bad decision. She didn´t communicate with James which a totally justify. He loves her of course but every idea she has is always smashed by his negative because "she doesn't know how to behave and she always gets in trouble" and bla bla bla. I admire the strength of Mairead. She sacrificed everything she had to have the people she loves safe.

James H-O-T as always. I love him so much. A little over the top dominant but still love him. He cares too much for her but I think he was really naive with all the Adele shit. That bitch deserved a bitch slap and so much more. She tried so hard to influence James into seeing Mairead from her perspective and she almost succeeded but his love for "the spoiled little brat" is bigger than any tares. Even when he doesn´t want to admit she was right he was wrong.

The story was good. I honestly liked Mark big time at the end of The Finest Line. I thought he´ll be a good man from that day forward but I was so wrong and very very disappointed. The plot left me glued to every sentence in the book. It had the right amount of suspense, action, romance, intrigue, lust, sex, schemes and much more that it should get to the big screen.

Thank you Catherine Taylor. I thought you weren´t going to continue Mairead and James adventures and I am glad you did. I found your work in Amazon for free at the end of last year.

I´ll start A Line Drawn right away. Yeah.!

The Finest Line (The Finest Line #1) by Catherine Taylor


When potential Olympic gymnast, Mairead Kavanagh wakes up in an Australian hospital after a drug and alcohol binge, her ordeal has only begun. The police are waiting to interview her over the death of her friend Joshua Mason who has plunged to his death from the balcony on which she was found. Frightened and a long way from her home in New Zealand, she has no one to turn to until the arrival of the one man who has intimidated and infatuated her more than any other.

James Vaughn has been her chauffeur and body guard for five years and the only person who has been able to subdue her. An ex soldier of the British Army, James is composed and disciplined, unlike his boss’s daughter who seeks constant excitement which sometimes can prove dangerous.

Forced together until he can get her home, the barriers of their relationship begin to break down. Mairead fears her attraction to him stems from the strange desires that she has fought to suppress.

As their relationship blooms, her happiness is short lived with the arrival of another man who knows a terrible secret about Mairead. Now she must choose between two men, one whom she loves and the other who can destroy her life.

Contains explicit sex scenes, graphic language and elements of BDSM


Mairead is the daughter of a politician and a New Zealand gymnast . She is introduced at the beginning as a spoiled, junkie over indulged brat since the beginning of the book. She always gets in trouble and has a "Devil may care" attitude.  

She is partying at a hotel with her friend Josh, and loses consciousness and when she wakes up she realizes she has gotten in a big trouble because her friend died ... What?! Yeap he did by falling from the balcony of hotel room they were the night before. She becomes somewhat a "suspect". She gets blackmailed and the chaos begins.

Who comes to her rescue?! James Vaughn. Since she was a teenager, her father hired an ex Army, HOT as hell guy to be her chauffeur/bodyguard. Although Mairead doesn't respect authority, he´s been the one and only capable of controlling her. 

"What are you doing James?" 

There was only silence but when he spoke his voice was eerily calm. 

"If I hear one more disgusting word come out of your mouth, I will take you over my knee, take your pants down and spank your bare bottom to the colour of a ripe cherry."

Throughout the story she realizes that the party where Josh died was being held by Mark Lewis a man from whom she indulged in  drugs and she was also video taped auctioning her virginity to him *SIGH*.  Her rebellious behavior pushes James to discipline her and fulfill his promise of getting her bottom like a ripe cherry in a very humiliating way and she finds herself being sexually aroused by this act. He of course, sends her to sleep giving her no opportunity of release LOL (That bastard knew what he was doing to her).

She has been having a crush for James since she was a teenager even when she doesn't admit it. But after her  bare ass spanking she starts showing her hidden feelings for him. 

What will happen to these two. To whom is she going to give her virginity?

This book is a must read.!!! I got it from Amazon.. I wasn't convinced because as you know most of the freebies are horrible ... well not all of them apparently. This one has everything romance, sex, love/hate relationships,  action, blackmail etc...I didn't expect this book would be so good and I have read it twice....Wowwwwww Mairead and James relationship was so cute..They are perfect for each other.. I fell in love with him instantly. I couldn't  put it down... Pfff what else is there to say..?? This one is a keeper...I´m looking forward to read more of Catherine Talylor´s books in the future. Fortunately she wrote a trilogy. I  read this book since Nov 2012. 


Epilogue (The Dark Duet #3) by C.J. Roberts


(The final version should have 15 Chapters + an epilogue)

I’m writing this because you begged. You know how I love the begging. In fact, you probably know too many things and know them far too well.

Who am I?

Well, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I was a whore in my youth, a killer since my adolescence, and a monster as a man. I am the man who kidnapped Livvie. I am the man who held her in a dark room for weeks. But, most importantly, I am the man she loves.

She loves me. It’s quite sick, isn’t it?

Of course, there’s more to our story than can be surmised in a few short sentences, but I’m at a loss for justifying my behavior back then. I assume if you’re reading this, I don’t need to make those justifications. You’ve already made your own.

You’re reading this because you want to know about the rest of the story. You want to know what happened that warm summer night in September of 2010, the night I met Livvie at The Paseo. It was the night my life changed all over again.

It didn't happen exactly as Livvie said. She’s been very kind to me in the retelling of our story. The truth is far more…complicated.


My master of half-truths is so arrogant.!! 

"Of course, there’s more to our story than can be surmised in a few short sentences, but I’m at a loss for justifying my behavior back then. I assume if you’re reading this, I don’t need to make those justifications. You’ve already made your own." - Caleb

5+ Mother fucking stars.!! This was the perfect closure..

I read several reviews in which people say that the story ended in SITD and there was no need for a third book. I TOTALLY disagree. A man like Caleb can´t change his ways from one day to another. That change takes an incredible amount of time and patience. I think we (lovers of The Dark Duet Series) needed this closure for our piece of mind. After I read CITD and SITD my brain was wasted. Yes.!! I even closed SITD and start bawling like a 5 year old when Livvie spoke for the first time with Agent Reed (I hope you remember which part I´m talking about).

In this book we see Caleb as the self assured, arrogant, master of half-truths motherfucker he´s always been but still with a keen interest for Livvie. He loves her and knows that the right thing to do is let her live her life without him but he´s too selfish to let her go. 

After Livvie was left in the Mexico/US Border and spoke to the FBI, went into witness protection and changed her name and her place of residence she couldn´t put herself together. She just wasn´t ready to give him up and forget about him and by the end of SITD she had fallen for him big time. She protected him when she was questioned about him, go figure. They are made for each other. They are two of a kind. We new already they ended up together. They had a so much ups and downs in this book but fortunately they could figure everything out.

There is really no ending to their story. They are in love, the story ended after they were able to sort everything out or at least some. They´ll keep having adventures. I´m pretty sure about that and we also know what he did, who he was before falling for Livvie and we know they´ll keep running to keep Caleb safe from getting caught my the INTERPOL, FBI, CIA or whoever wants him caught. He lives one day at a time. He misses his old life. It´s easy but he wants to be a better man for her. *Sigh*