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Insufferable Proximity 2 by Z.Stefani

After surviving a night of hell with the saboteur, Julian and Heaven attempt to get back to a normal life.


Oh My God.!!!! 

“I´m going to make you suck my cock for
hours after I fuck you for days.” 

“I´m going to be so deep inside you that you won´t 
know where you end, and I begin” 


After Gavin´s arrest we all thought that would be the end and HEA but no...

"Do something now! You dont understand, 
I need her; You fix her now!" - Julian King

I really thought the first book would be the one but this one exceeded my expectations. It had everything from love, lust, romance, jealousy, drama, misunderstandings, schemes EVERY-FUCKING-THING.!!

New characters come into play too…that are after Heaven´s and Julian´s bones … Oh Yeah.!!!

"The thought of another man looking at you makes me physically 
ill - not to mention homicidal".

Can´t wait to read what else Z has in store for us.


This story continues where Insufferable Proximity left off and were Julian and Heaven fall in love after years of hating each other. Please read first book before or you´ll understand shit about this one.

Don´t fret my friends, this book ends with a wonderful HEA and no cliffhangers. It ends with everyone so happy about their lives after all they have endured at the hands of Gavin and other people involved to pull them apart since the first book. 

The sex was incredible. Super H-OOOO-TTTT.!! Believe me when I say I might have wet my panties while sitting in my desk at work reading this shit HA.! I loved it.!! I loved how Julian was so concerned of having Heaven safe and it just melted my heart. He went all Alpha male on her. Possessive, aggressive, jealous and all. Since book one I could sense the good chemistry they had and it never wavered. The madder and jealous he got the hotter the sex.

"His mind was consumed with sex and Heaven. Where he was once 
addicted to sex - now he was addicted to Heaven. 
He was man enough to admit it."

He always wants to be the one with the control over everything and I was exasperated at the beginning but what can I say.. I love my Julian. I really enjoyed watching them grow and change throughout these books. Although I didn’t like seeing Heaven so soft. There were times that she should have given her peace of mind to someone and instead she kept getting in trouble after trouble with the King of Kink.!! Those moments made me want to bitch slap her. There´s obviously no cheating in the book. They have a very raw, carnal relationship full of passion in and out of the bedroom (Their office) which blinds Julian most of the time when he is not worrying about his girl.

Their love and trust was so unswerving that not even gossip could tear them apart and I mean GOSSIP. Heaven put herself in situations sometimes unknown by her that whoever caught her in the move would think she was on to cheating and not being framed. 

"If you ever talk about Julian like that again, will 
personally crucify your ass, 
Do you understand?"

Heaven and Julian fight continuously to be together despite the turmoil that comes towards them. They talk a lot, well they actually fight a lot at the beginning. He talks to Heaven about having her safe and how he doesn´t have time to be with her until he is sure the mansion is secure making her feel helpless and needy. Yes.!! Needy :(

Since the first book I loved that even when he has the world at his feet and can have any women he likes, his love is true to Heaven even when he knows her mom is a Madame at a brothel he used to frequent LOL and she stayed true to Julian after knowing he fucked almost half of the staff at the law firm and girls from her moms brothel. They are simply shameless.

Heaven is so strong although she has to lean in Julian´s shoulder for her safety and Julian goes so soft when it comes to Heaven because she is his all. They simply love each other to death.

“You´re married, don’t forget that. There might not be signed 
documentation, yet, but you are legally 
bound to me until the day of my death”. 

Ohh the steamy sex.!!! How could I forget that No spoilers! Sorry :S You´ll have to read those parts.

The ending left me at peace. Everything was where it should be and we even had an extra Epilogue, one year later and 3 years later, so imagine how good it is.

There were a lot of POV´s Julian and Heaven, Ayden, Ian, the Kings´mother, Sybille´s among others. The banter and bickering between the secretaries was hilarious and how they gossiped and oh´d and aw´d with everything that was going on around them specially when they went all detective mode inside the firm Bah.!!

I´m really glad these series ended as a duet instead of a trilogy. I don´t think my heart could take 6 more months to wait for a third installment. Thank God I read this book in December and not in February when it was originally published. 

There were characters I grew fond off even thought they had little to do with the story and makes me wonder… **Spoiler** Are we going to see future books about Royce, Julius, Ian and Gloria, Aries, Ronnie and Juliette as well? 

I don´t have a cast for Heaven and Julian unfortunately because they are so perfect but…

Whoever reads this book will know what I mean with this LOL or at least this is how I picture it.

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